Tournament CamUUmons Tournament [Won By Mygrein]


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Round 1
The matchups for round one are as follows.

Juuno vs dingbat
The Number Man vs Haki
Moutemoute vs Cam
Sage vs Jrdn
Daiyaga vs BlueWinds
Clefable vs LordHelix
Smallsmallrose vs Funbot28
boyn vs A Cake Wearing A Hat
DurzaOffTopic vs Mygrein
girlpower199 vs Euphonos
TheJ3estPenguin vs Estarossa
faded love vs Havens
Jacobikko vs a loser
Poison Adhesive vs gum
Hogg vs Nakeeb
Scizorphobic vs VCrakeV

The following people are substitutes.

Reminder that mew will not be allowed for round 1, but will be for round 2 onwards. Games are best of 3, replays must be posted or PMd to prove you didn't use illegal mons.

The deadline for round 1 will be Tednesday 10th October 11:59pm GMT-4. Please schedule with your opponent by Monday or you may be subbed out. Good luck!


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Just wondering, why does the sample stall team have a choice scarf Haxorus with dragon dance? I can understand toxic, but what's the point of setting up if you're locked out of your attacks?

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